cryptogamesoutlook| Changes in the dubbing industry: The impact of AI technology and the future of human voice: "AI can create perfection, but human voice has vitality"

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AI technology revolutionizes the dubbing industrycryptogamesoutlookThe voice actors face survival challenges. Although AI dubbing can meet basic needs at low cost, it cannot replace the complex emotions and creativity of human voice. Veterans in the dubbing industry pointed out that AI dubbing may become an auxiliary tool, and human dubbing art still has its unique value and necessity. Dubbing actors need to continue to make progress and enhance their personal brands in order to survive in the AI wave.

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The dubbing industry is facing technological innovation, and AI sound effects challenge human interpretation

With the advancement of AI generation technology, new changes have taken place in the dubbing industry. According to industry sources, there are currently dubbing services based on AI technology on the market, and their charging standards are much lower than traditional dubbing actors. The widespread application of AI technology has significantly reduced the cost of dubbing, which has attracted great attention from inside and outside the industry.

[Beijing News] Voice actor Lu Yu received a recording job in Beijing in 2020, with a daily salary of up to 4000 yuan. However, three years later, his voice was accidentally used as a free text-reading tool, which made him realize that he might have suffered an outsourcing fraud. At the same time, the rise of AI dubbing software has sharply reduced the market demand for low-threshold, low-cost dubbing.

Although AI technology poses challenges in the dubbing field, veteran practitioners in the dubbing industry insist that AI cannot completely replace human dubbing actors. Emotional expression and creative understanding in human voices that cannot be standardized are difficult for AI to replace. Dub actor Zhao Qianjing's decision to license his voice to AI audio dramas has sparked heated discussions in the industry and is considered a move that challenges existing industry rules.

Voice actor Anqi said that the pursuit of art lies in the transmission of story and vitality, not perfection. She believes that although AI can replicate sound, its essence cannot replace the unique charm of human voices. Voice actor Shen Lei believes that the advancement of AI technology may lead to reshuffle within the industry, and future voice actors must learn to coexist with AI technology to enhance their market competitiveness.

Against the background of technological innovation, the survival and development strategies of the dubbing industry are facing major adjustments. Dub actors need to continuously improve their sound conditions and professional skills to distinguish them from AI and maintain their uniqueness and irreplaceability in the market. At the same time, the regulations and supervision of the dubbing industry need to be further strengthened to protect the legitimate rights and interests of dubbing actors.

cryptogamesoutlook| Changes in the dubbing industry: The impact of AI technology and the future of human voice: "AI can create perfection, but human voice has vitality"

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