wptpokergame| The central parity of the RMB was quoted at 7.1091, up 11 points

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May 27wptpokergame, the central parity of the RMB is reported at 7wptpokergame.1091, up 11 points, with the median price of the previous trading day at 7wptpokergame.1102。

wptpokergame| The central parity of the RMB was quoted at 7.1091, up 11 points

Many foreign media believe that the U.S. high interest rate policy is dragging down the world economy, the strengthening of the US dollar and exacerbating overseas inflation

In a series of recent speeches, Fed officials reiterated that they would maintain high interest rates for some time, and some officials even said that the possibility of raising interest rates again would not be ruled out. In response, many foreign media recently commented that the Federal Reserve's keeping interest rates high will lead to global capital flow to the United States, putting pressure on the currencies of many countries, which may have serious consequences for the world economy.

shenwan Hongyuanwptpokergame: Federal Reserve interest rate cuts are expected to resurface setbacks

Shen Wanhongyuan released a research report that there are still many uncertain risks in U.S. CPI inflation, such as rent inflation, oil prices and other factors, which may cause the market to see more expectations for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates in the future, exacerbating fluctuations in 10Y U.S. bond interest rates. If the U.S. non-agricultural, CPI, and consumption data released next month are weaker than market expectations, expectations for interest rate cuts may also come back. As for the US dollar index, although European industrial production has rebounded slightly, it is still far weaker than the Federal Reserve and can also support the high volatility of the US dollar index.

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