free25€casinonodeposit| Five major consensuses of Guizhou liquor industry in 2024 have been released: resolutely safeguard Moutai's brand image and industry status

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Theme: 2024 Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development Roundtable

May 26 - 27, 2024free25€casinonodeposit, the "2024 Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development Roundtable" was held at Moutai International Hotel. This roundtable was co-sponsored by Guizhou Province Liquor Industry Development Promotion Association and Moutai Group, and hosted by Guizhou Moutai Liquor Co., Ltd.

During the meeting, representatives attending the meeting held extensive discussions and in-depth research on "adhering to integrity, innovating and jointly protecting Guizhou liquor brands, and concentrating wisdom and efforts to expand advantageous industrial clusters", and formed the following consensus.

1. Adhere to collective development and closely unite brother enterprises to learn from each other's strengths. Guizhou liquor companies should treat each other sincerely and be brothers, hold regular roundtable meetings for equal dialogue, learn from each other's strengths, and discuss development together. Enterprises, regardless of their size, are all builders of Guizhou's liquor producing areas. They must consciously put the development of enterprises into the overall consideration of "building a world-class liquor industry cluster" and form a community with a shared future that shares weal and woe and shares weal and woe.

2. Strengthen the confidence of the industry and focus on promoting Guizhou liquor to take advantage of the momentum. Guizhou liquor has a long history and unique advantages. It is a dynamic producing area in the global spirits market. At present, the transformation of the domestic consumer market is accelerating, and demand for high-quality liquor continues to rise. Driven by favorable factors such as agglomeration of production areas and policy support, the development of Guizhou's liquor industry will surely become more stable, more competitive and influential.

3. Adhere to the leadership of Maotai and continue to expand the Guizhou liquor brand fleet. When Maotai is good, everyone is good; when everyone is good, Maotai will be even better. Highly agree that Moutai Group's leadership is an important feature and necessary condition for the competitive development of Guizhou liquor companies. Guizhou liquor companies must resolutely safeguard Moutai's brand image and industry status, work together to promote the healthy development of the industry, make it stronger and bigger, and provide solid support for the construction of an important liquor production base in the country.

4. Adhere to the bottom line of quality and make every effort to safeguard the quality reputation of Guizhou liquor. Guizhou liquor's highly identifiable quality characteristics are the core competitive advantage of its origin and main producing areas. Whether Maotaixiang, Dongxiang or other aroma types, quality is the soul of life, pay more attention to improving the quality of liquor, inherit and innovate traditional brewing techniques, and always brew good wine with ingenuity.

5. Adhere to ecological priority and innovate the industrial ecology based on market demand. The excellent ecological environment is the biggest development advantage of Guizhou liquor. It is necessary to protect the ecological environment of the Chishui River Basin like protecting eyes, vigorously promote technological innovation, product innovation, and business innovation, make every effort to optimize consumption scenarios and enhance consumption experience, accelerate the transformation of brands and products from lifestyle demands to defined lifestyles, and build industrial development. New ecology.

free25€casinonodeposit| Five major consensuses of Guizhou liquor industry in 2024 have been released: resolutely safeguard Moutai's brand image and industry status

Guizhou's liquor industry is developing well. The industry has the confidence, confidence and ability to promote the overall leap forward of Guizhou liquor. They are more willing to support and work together with sister companies across the country to create a better future for China's wine industry.

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